Camera Packages

Arri Alexa-35-Super-35-Digital-Cinema-Camera
ARRI Alexa 35 4.6K

• ARRI Alexa 35 Body
• ARRI Alexa Production Top Handle
• 4 B Mount 150WH Batteries
• Quad B-Mount Charger
• 3 2 TB Codex cards
• Codex card reader
• ARRI MVF-2 Viewfinder
• 2x VF Right angle cables
• Camera power cable
• ARRI LPL Mount
• ARRI PL-TO-LPL adapter
• EF Mount
• Balance utility dovetail
• Power distribution module
• Shoulder mount
• Production 15mm support rails

Arri Alexa-35-Super-35-Digital-Cinema-Camera
RED V-Raptor 8K FF

• RED V-Raptor body
• RED V-Raptor top handle
• DSMC3 RED 7” Touch Monitor
• 2x 660G RED C-FAST Express cards
• 1x 1TB ARCON C-FAST Express card
• RED C-FAST Express card reader
• 15mm Quick Release Platform dovetail pack
• V-Raptor Expander blade
• DSMC3 5 pin to dual XLR adapter
• V-Raptor wing grip
• Canon EF mount adapter
• Wooden Camera PL mount
• Tilta V-mount battery adapter
• 6x V-mount 150WH
• 2x Dual V-mount chargers

Arri Alexa-35-Super-35-Digital-Cinema-Camera
RED DSMC2 Helium 8K

• DSMC2 Epic w Brain
• Red 4.7 Inch touch
• DSMC2 Lemo Adapter B
• Lemo Straight - Right angle wire
• Lemo right - right angle wire
• DSMC2 EF mount
• Wooden Camera DSMC2 PL mount
• Small Rig side plate
• Wooden Camera D-box gold mount
• Red base I/O module
• Wooden Camera base plate with 15mm LWR
• Wooden Camera DSMC2 19mm baseplate w/ Dovetail
• Wooden Camera Abox
• 2x 480GB red mini mags
• Red mini mag reader
• DC power cable


Arri Alexa-35-Super-35-Digital-Cinema-Camera
Cooke Mini S4/I S35

• Cooke Mini S4/I 21mm
• Cooke Mini S4/I 32mm
• Cooke Mini S4/I 50mm
• Cooke Mini S4/I 100mm

Arri Alexa-35-Super-35-Digital-Cinema-Camera
Atlas Orion 2x Anamorphic (A Set)

• Atlas Orion 40mm
• Atlas Orion 65mm
• Atlas Orion 100mm

Arri Alexa-35-Super-35-Digital-Cinema-Camera
Sigma Cinema Primes FF

• Sigma Cine Primes 20mm
• Sigma Cine Primes 24mm
• Sigma Cine Primes 35mm
• Sigma Cine Primes 50mm
• Sigma Cine Primes 100mm

Monitor & Wireless Equipment

Small HD Cine 24

• Small HD Cine 24 Monitor
• Power cable
• Dual V-Mount battery power plate

Small HD Cine 7

• Small HD Cine 7 Monitor
• D-Tap to Lemo 2 pin cable
• RED camera control
• ARRI camera control
• Sun hood

Tilta Nucleus M

• 2x Wireless Motors
• Wireless FIZ hand unit
• 2x 19mm motor rod clamps
• 2x 19mm-15mm bushings
• Wireless left handle
• Wireless right handle
• 7 pin to D-Tap motor cable
• 7 pin to 7 pin straight motor cable
• 2x handle to ARRI Rosette adapter
• 4 slot battery charger
• 6x batteries

Vaxis Storm 800

• Vaxis Storm 800 RX
• Vaxis Storm 800 TX
• Sword Antennas
• Short Antennas
• 2x D-Tap to Lemo 2 pin cables

Lighting and Grip Support

Gear Rentals

Through a rental partnership with Cinema Toolkit, clients have access to a comprehensive range of lighting and grip gear tailored to the needs of indie productions. Cinema Toolkit provides top-quality equipment that meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. In addition, clients who choose to rent equipment through Cinema Toolkit can enjoy a discounted rate on their rentals.

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